Built in Partnership with Trust Managers

Do you find yourself frustrated with opening and closing multiple software systems to answer your client’s questions or to complete simple day-to-day trust management tasks? MomentumTRUST was developed in partnership with a highly respected trust company specifically to solve these and other daily challenges that many trust managers face.

MomentumTRUST is a cloud-based, all-in-one Advanced CRM, Marketing Event Manager, Account Manager with Portfolio Analytics and Paperless document management software solution that integrates with your accounting and trading systems to provide real-time account information.

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Mobile Portal

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Real-Time Dashboard


The MomentumTRUST dashboard displays real-time portfolio snapshots of key account factors and real-time valuations. The dashboard is designed to help you strategically plan your day providing useful information including High Cash Accounts, Overdrafts, Accounts Out of Balance, and Upcoming Reviews.

CRM+ Event Manager


MomentumTRUST’s built-in CRM+ Event Manager allows you to connect with clients, contingents, beneficiaries and prospects as well as track, plan and promote events, seminars, parties and marketing campaigns. The built-In CRM+ allows you to efficiently track and connect prospects, accounts, households, beneficiaries, grantors and third-party relationships.

Portfolio Review & Analytics


Easily review and respond to client requests with MomentumTRUST’s portfolio analytics tools. Client level dashboards present an at-a-glance overview of an account’s investment objectives, asset allocations, recent distributions, upcoming distributions, review due date, account recent account notes, and account alerts.

Document Management


MomentumTRUST’s secure, in-system scanning and storage allows your business to easily organize, file and retrieve documents in a cloud-based environment. User-friendly functionality includes drag-and-drop, direct-to-file scanning and cloud-based storage which allows your business to easily organize, file and retrieve documents.

MomentumTRUST will revolutionize how you do business

Trust Companies, Family Offices, Boutique Trust Companies, Law Firms, and Bank & Trusts can all benefit from MomentumTRUST management software.

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Momentum3 partnered with one of the nation’s largest Trust companies to define all aspects of MomentumTRUST.  The project was successfully implemented in manageable phases over an 18-month period. Momentum3 continues to work closely with Trust to further extend functionality and continue to increase the value of the system.

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