Trust built their reputation on knowing each client’s needs and crafting a plan to address these needs. Starting their business in 1980, they are the oldest and largest independent trust company in Oklahoma. Because of their independent status, they are free to make decisions and recommendations based solely on their clients’ interests.

They make decisions based on a wide knowledge of estate planning and investment options, time-tested investment principles and an awareness of and responsiveness to changing situations in the markets and law.

They recognize that it is a privilege to serve their clients. Because of this, they are dedicated to service, performance, independence, safety, and confidentiality.

The Problem
Trust is committed to the highest level of customer service by not only providing quality products, but also providing current, accurate, and timely information to clients upon request. This requires that their operational systems align with the primary goal of the organization. The systems in place, while they were accurate, homegrown systems, had begun to fall behind technology and were beginning to adversely impact the necessary responsiveness to the business.

Project Summary
Trust needed systems in place that would allow them to decrease the amount of time to gather, organize, and present information relevant to any given customer account. Momentum3 worked with Trust to define what business functions needed to be supported by a new system that could deliver on the promise to the customer. The first step in the process involved third-party product evaluation against the defined needs. A decision was made to build a custom product after no products met the necessary business and economic requirements.

Momentum3 worked with Trust to define all aspects of the new system and create a project plan and budget that would meet the business needs. A web-based application was created that not only delivered on the required functionality but went beyond by allowing Trust to offer even more robust service. Having access to near real-time data and a much more responsive solution has allowed them to reshape portions of their business to provide more valuable products to their customers.

The project was successfully implemented in manageable phases over an 18-month period. Momentum3 still works closely with Trust to further extend functionality and continue to increase the value of the system.

Solution Benefits
The delivered solution helps to streamline the day-to-day operations of Trust by creating a common location for customer information necessary to conduct regular client reviews greatly reducing the amount of preparation time. By providing near-realtime information, Trust is able to answers questions more quickly and more accurately than before. By consolidating system functionality, Trust was able to retire software and reduce monthly licensing fees.